A dynamic team

We are a young, energetic team, driven by a shared vision of making a genuine difference in the lives of our clients.

We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different – and so are their goals. That’s why we work with you to find financial solutions that are personalised for you.

We make sure you get the dedicated support you need, with a lead adviser as your point of contact. But you’ll also get to meet the whole team – so here are some things about us that we’d like you know.

Ben Cranage resize
Ben Cranage
Director/Senior Private Wealth Adviser
Cranage Financial Group Pty Ltd
Certified Financial Planner

As the first of Founder Paul Cranage’s four children to join the business in 1999, Ben has been at the forefront of the ‘new era’ of Cranage Financial Group and the strategic direction of the business. 

A natural leader, Ben takes great pride in training and motivating our fast growing and dynamic team in their own professional development.  This has been a crucial role that has cemented CFG as an ‘employee of choice’ in recent years, ensuring the client receives exceptional service from the entire team.   

As a Senior Adviser, Ben has been assisting clients for more than 20 years, throughout all the stages of their life from strategic wealth creation to managing investments in retirement.  Ben’s passionate about providing strategic advice that makes a big difference, but feels the real enjoyment comes from the trusted long-term relationships he has formed with clients, most of who he considers friends.

With an appreciation for great food and wine, Ben is known to be quite the skilled (weekend) cook.  A proud husband and father of two boys, Ben and his young family enjoy moving between Melbourne bayside and Torquay (Surf Coast) come the weekend, as well as annual extended trips to his wife's (Renata’s) home in Brazil.  

Sam CranageFG 5 Edit resize
Sam Cranage
Director/Senior Private Wealth Adviser
Cranage Financial Group Pty Ltd
Certified Financial Planner

Sam joined the family business in 2002, after playing professional AFL football for St Kilda and Carlton.  He has been assisting clients for 20 years, throughout all the stages of their life - from strategic wealth creation to managing investments in retirement. 

As an owner of the business, Sam has always been driven to build a model that educates, empowers, and makes it easy for even the busiest clients to ‘take action’ and feel in control of their finances.  Sam’s passion has been providing strategic advice that makes a big difference to his client's lives, then playing a supporting role as clients put this into action and benefit from the result(s). 

Sam built a unique, visual and interactive process that enables clients to clearly see the long-term benefits of certain strategies at the start of the planning process so they can have input into their own wealth creation journey.

As a very proud and busy parent of 4 children, a business owner and professional, Sam can relate to and enjoys assisting a wide range of clients.  Outside of business, Sam enjoys spending quality time with his wife Ebony and their 4 kids in Torquay and tries to sneak in the odd surf and game of golf.  

Laura FG 3 Edit resize
Laura Cranage
Director/Senior Private Wealth Adviser
Cranage Financial Group Pty Ltd
Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning

Laura joined the business in 2007 and is now a Senior Private Wealth Adviser within the financial planning team and a proud owner, Director and member of the board for Cranage Financial Group.  

As a Senior Private Wealth Adviser, Laura is passionate about assisting clients throughout all the stages of their life from strategic wealth creation to managing investments in retirement along with intergenerational wealth transfer strategies.  Laura prides herself on, and is highly regarded for, her attention to detail and technical knowledge - and enjoys the challenge of more complex strategies. 

In recent years, Laura has taken on a more active role in the strategic direction and management for the group, which has a strong focus on providing the best client experience, with a market leading service offering.

Laura balances work commitments with regular Pilates and Yoga, loves a good Netflix binge on the weekends, and is looking forward to resuming regular overseas travel with her husband Rohan.

Hannah CranageFG 4 resize
Hannah Cranage
Operations Manager
Cranage Financial Group Pty Ltd

Hannah is the Operations Manager at Cranage Financial Group.  Leveraging her experience in arts, health and community development, Hannah first joined the team as Business Development Manager in 2013 and has played a diverse and creative role at CFG over the years. 

Hannah is driven by a passion for building a strong business culture, both internally and externally, and collaborating with team members on big picture projects.  A committed corporate by day, and a coastal loving Mum of one (Eleanor) and yogi at heart.  Authentic connection, communication and growth is at core of everything she does in both business and life.

Lizle.v.2 resize 1
Lizle George
Compliance and Practice Manager
Cranage Financial Group Pty Ltd
Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance and Management

Lizle joined the team in September 2021, after working closely with the business in a consulting role for over 5 years.  She’s been in the financial planning industry since 2002, and has extensive experience in several areas, including advising, compliance and business development, in both the corporate world and small business.  Her passion lies within small business, helping improve business performance and ensuring the clients remain the centre of everything they do.

Outside of business, Lizle is a very proud mother of gorgeous Jacob, who she loves hanging out with whenever she can.  We also can’t forget; she thoroughly enjoys getting away with the family to tropical destinations... the ultimate combination of wine with a view and living life to the fullest.

Jerome CranageFG 3 resize
Jerome Mendis
Senior Lending Consultant
Cranage Lending Solutions Pty Ltd
Advanced Diploma in Finance and Accounting
Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking

Jerome joined the Cranage team as Senior Lending Consultant in 2015 and has been successfully managing Cranage Lending Solutions ever since.  

Working as a broker since 2013, Jerome is an expert in all aspects of lending and finance, but he most enjoys being part of the clients’ property journey - whether that be a First Home Buyer or helping clients build property portfolios.  As the man front and center of all things Cranage Lending, you’ll often find Jerome collaborating with the rest of the CFG team to achieve holistic and seamless outcomes for our clients.

Come the weekend Jerome enjoys nothing more than watching a game, especially Aarsenal who he follows passionately, or taking day trips/adventures with his young family.

Jeremy CranageFG 8 resize.jpg
Jeremy Beaumont
Private Wealth Adviser
Cranage Private Wealth Pty Ltd
Diploma in Financial Planning
Bachelor of Commerce at Deakin, majoring in Finance and Marketing

Jeremy has been advising clients at Cranage Private Wealth since February 2016.  He specialises in risk and investment advice and has been trading in the markets since leaving school – which is where his passion lies.  Jeremy especially enjoys constructing diverse portfolios for his wealth creation clients.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Diploma of Financial Planning and prior to joining Cranage Financial Group, Jeremy garnered his financial acumen as a financial and sales analyst at a large privately owned Australian engineering company.  

Outside of work, Jeremy is blessed with a young family, is a keen sports enthusiast and loves to travel.

Jane CranageFG 4 Gray resize
Jane Skjellerup
Office Manager
Cranage Financial Group Pty Ltd

Originally from New Zealand, Jane joined the team in 2016 and keeps our office running smoothly, and the CFG team happy.  Starting out as the business Office Administrator, Jane now helps supports our team members in many areas and has discovered a growing passion for compliance and complex administration support within financial advice.

Jane has spent many years living and traveling overseas and loves everything Melbourne has to offer.  A proud mum of three adult children, she recently became a grandma!  Jane loves adventure and heading away camping, hiking, and climbing with her fiancé in her free time.

Taylor CranageFG 13 Edit resize.jpg
Taylor Dowie
Senior Paraplanner
Cranage Private Wealth Pty Ltd
Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning

Taylor joined Cranage Financial group in 2012 and, outside the Cranage family, is the longest running (and much loved) member of our team. Taylor started in an administrative role before completing an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, and now diligently manages the paraplanning arm of the business.

Taylor has a young family and loves spending her time outside of the office making memories. She loves the sunshine, bayside living, and is always planning her next overseas or family adventure.

Rex CranageFG 3 resize.jpg
Rex Jelbart
Senior Associate
Cranage Private Wealth Pty Ltd
Bachelor of Business majoring in Economics and Finance (Applied)

Rex joined the team in 2014 as part of RMIT University’s Work Placement Program and moved into a permanent position in 2016 after completing his degree.

He spends most of his time diligently collaborating with clients and the internal advice team, to ensure the best result - as well as the most seamless client experience.  Rex enjoys more complex financial modelling, as it clearly demonstrates what a client's financial future could look like, and how we can help them achieve their goals over a long-term partnership with Cranage Private Wealth.

Growing up in Geelong, Rex moved to Melbourne a few weeks after turning 18 to study... and now calls this vibrant city his home.  Rex loves living Northside close to friends and the best food and bar scene Melbourne has to offer.  A keen traveller and adventurer, Rex looks forward to exploring the world for many years to come.

Fraser CranageFG 1 Edit resize
Fraser Steggall
Senior Associate
Cranage Private Wealth Pty Ltd
Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance and Financial Planning

Fraser joined the business on a part time basis in September 2016 while finishing university and became a valued full-time employee from January 2017.  He directly supports Senior Adviser, Sam Cranage, helping him provide the best possible service to their clients.  As a senior leader, he also trains younger staff members, helping to develop their skills and knowledge.

Fraser loves living in Melbourne, specifically enjoying the great bars and sporting activities on offer. He also claims to be a very good home cook.

Dee CranageFG 5 Edit resize
Dewmi Pathirana
Senior Associate
Cranage Private Wealth Pty Ltd
Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Financial Planning and Commercial Law

Dewmi (AKA “D”) started in the industry in 2018 as a Client Services Officer, then moved on to provisional investment adviser at Horizons Wealth.  She recently joined our business in early 2022 as a Senior Associate supporting Senior Private Wealth Adviser, Laura Cranage, to provide the best service possible for their clients.

Originally from Sri Lanka, D moved to Australia in 2014 for studies.  In her spare time, you’ll find her enjoying all types of water sports.

Joel.v.2 Resized2
Joel Edis
Lending Associate
Cranage Lending Solutions Pty Ltd
Bachelor of Commerce with a Double Major in Finance and Financial Planning

Discovered at our Senior Broker’s local café, Joel showcased amazing customer service skills and expressed a keen interest in the Broking industry.  He soon made the shift to Mortgage Broking at Cranage Lending Services in September 2021 and has never looked back.

Joel is very well travelled and has had the amazing life experience of living abroad in the UK and Canada for over 6 years.  He loves to experience new cultures, cuisines, and wines.  He also loves snowboarding, live music and you’ll often find him enjoying varied outdoor adventures.

Anahit Kirakosian
Cranage Private Wealth Pty Ltd
Bachelor of Business Majoring in Economics and Finance

Anahit joined our advisory team in November 2023, in the role of Associate.

Having already completed an Associate Degree, Anahit decided to further enhance her knowledge by enrolling in RMIT’s Bachelor of Business Majoring in Economics and finance and is due to graduate in late 2024.

An ambitious, energetic and goal orientated individual, Anahit has career aspirations to become a Senior Private Wealth Adviser, with an interest in both investment banking and financial planning. She has immediate plans to study Analytics at RMIT following her Bachelors, alongside her role as Associate, as she finds her feet in the industry.

Outside of work and study, Anahit has a passion for Pilates and gaming, and is a big fan of playing Pokémon, Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. More recently Anahit has fallen in love with travel after a trip to Italy, France, and London in 2022. Next up is Japan and Switzerland!!

Chris CranageFG 1 resize.jpg
Chris Vecchio
Cranage Private Wealth Pty Ltd
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance)

Chris joined in late 2020, as part of La Trobe University’s summer internship program and became a valued (permanent) team member in late 2021.  He helps support the entire advisory team within the business in client servicing and administration activities.

He is an avid sport lover and enjoys cheering on his beloved English Premier League club, Arsenal. Closer to home, he’s been a member of Collingwood Football Club for more than 10 years.  Watching his team win the 2010 grand final was a day he’ll never forget.

Anne Alejandro
Client Service Administrator
Cranage Private Wealth Pty Ltd
Bachelor of Science and Management Accounting
Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

Anne has been working in the industry, and our business, since 2016 and was the first international team member recruited.  She diligently supports the entire advisory team in all service-related tasks/paperwork and processes whilst developing and managing our high-level international administrative team.  An integral team member who is highly regarded for both her incredible work ethic and positive outlook on work and life.

A self-confessed homebody, Anne enjoys quite weekends at home with a few books, catching up on her weekly K-Drama and Anime fix.

Mariel Caligtan
Senior Lending Assistant
Degree in Mechatronics Engineering
Cranage Lending Solutions Ptd Ltd

One of our newer team members, Mariel was recruited in 2021 as Senior Lending Assistant within the lending arm of the business.

Within this role, Mariel directly supports Jerome and Joel in initiating loan applications until settlement.  With an appreciation for detail and a sound understanding of processes, Mariel enjoys oversees all things compliance within Cranage Lending Solutions to ensure a consistent and high-level client service.

To unwind come the weekend, Mariel enjoys movies and a good variety show, as well as quality coffee and nice food.

Chyrrel Baculi
Team Administrator
Cranage Private Wealth Pty Ltd
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Chyrrel started in April 2022 and is part of our integral international team, working from the Philippines.  She decided to move away from nursing and began working in this industry in 2015, after discovering that financial services are where her professional passion lies.  Chyrrel supports the advisory team as the client service administrator in all service-related tasks.

CrossFit is her other passion, coaching whenever she gets a chance.  She always loves spending time with her son and with friends; loves going out, love adventures, watching horror movies and sometimes reading books.

Diomedes Macabebe Jr
Team Administrator
Degree in Business Administration – Major in Management
Cranage Private Wealth Pty Ltd

Diomedes joins CFG as a skilled Team Administrator, bringing with him more than 4 years of industry experience within this very role.  ‘JR’, as he prefers to be called, enjoys working across all aspects of the client journey from onboarding to implementation, right though to compliance.  Before stepping into this role in 2018, JR worked as a Senior Financial Analyst connected with the Foreign Exchange Trading.

Outside of work, JR is an island boy; adventurous, big bike rider and a dog lover. 

Charade Ledesma
Team Administrator
Bachelor of Education
Cranage Private Wealth Pty Ltd

Charade holds a Bachelor of Education, and is a licensed teacher, but decided to try a different career path and passion. With close to 5 years’ experience as a Client Services Manager in financial services, Charade enjoys working across client onboarding, implementation, right through to compliance. Charade has found working in the industry, within a high-level administrative role, both challenging and fulfilling.

Outside of work, Charade dedicates most of her spare time caring for her 1-year-old baby. Together, they enjoy beach adventures, road trips and playdates. Occasionally, when bub is sound asleep of an evening, Charade likes to relax and unwind by catching up on some K-dramas.

Princesa Diana Peredo
Bachelor of Arts
Cranage Private Wealth Pty Ltd

Diana, who holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, joined DBA Global Shared Services, Inc. last April 2018, as a Paraplanner in the Financial Planning Division.

Diana enjoys the detailed, and often complex, process of preparing documents such as Statement of Advice, Record of Advice and Reviews and is also experienced with high level administration tasks like advice implementation.

Away from work, Diana loves singing, together with her family. During the pandemic, Diana started to experiment with cooking, watching YouTube for inspiration and to develop culinary skills. A bit of a green thumb, she also enjoys gardening and aspires to become a gourmet traveler, trying out different local dishes abroad.

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